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Even if your life's not an open book, everyone has a story

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Whether yours is an inspirational self-help guide, an autobiography, a cookbook, or a compilation of messages, we'd like to transform  your manuscript into a compelling  professionally written masterpiece. Our job is taking the pressure out of book production, so you can relax and focus on other things.

Here's what we offer:

  • Expert editing & proofreading

  • Ghostwriting

  • Promotional e-blasts

  • Press releases

  • Professional page layout

  • Creative cover designs

  • Script content analysis

  • Photo editing

  • Reasonable turnaround

  • Competitive pricing

Meet the Editor

Ramona Patterson is founder and managing editor of Blesspatt Books, Charlotte's premier inspirational publishing company. A writer and editor for over 25 years, she worked as a reporter and columnist for Knight-Ridder Newspapers and American City Business Journals. She's a Norfolk State University journalism graduate who has managed church publications and written for the national desk of NBC News Channel.

Her life-changing book, "What's in Your House to Avoid Debt Traps?" will position you to eliminate debt forever.


Just $9.95

Have you ever felt trapped, dangling hopelessly from debt's daunting grip? There's hope! Not only is there a way out of your dilemma, it's time to stop creditors from capitalizing on your hardships. But surprisingly, the money leeches we aid and abet under our own roofs may be sucking life out of our wallets as vehemently as bill collectors.


"What's in Your House to Avoid Debt Traps?" sheds light on clever schemes (debt traps) engineered to keep you broke and hustling backward. Now's the time to break free from debt and seize control of your financial future. Learn how to flourish in tough times and break the chokehold of debt and poverty over your life forever.

 Simple, priceless advice to help you:

  • Take charge of your finances!

  • Restore peace of mind!

  • Stop creditor harassment!

  • Keep money in your pockets!

  • Avoid predators & scams!

  • Help loved ones fend for themselves!

  • Avoid bankruptcy & foreclosure!

  • Prioritize your spending!

 Eliminate debt forever!