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On the Wrong Side of God: The Church - The Black Church

by Harry Boyd


Forces of darkness are luring many Christians away as the Church Age draws to a close. 

In his new book, “On the Wrong Side of God: The Church – The Black Church,” Author Harry Boyd identifies areas in which readers are unconsciously compromising their Christian faith to accommodate the depreciating values set by leftist politicians.  He unveils age-old strategies, reinstated by liberals to destroy the Church, the Jews and especially black Americans. Much of the self-inflicted degradation and destruction of the black church and the black community is being propagated by the very liberals to whom black Americans have entrusted their futures. As a result, they are cutting off the very hands positioned to help them thrive financially and own businesses. 


A native of Cramerton, NC, Harry has successfully owned and operated a home improvement business in the Charlotte area for over 30 years. A U.S. Army Veteran, he has utilized his work platform to spread the gospel. He also helps man a 24-hour prayer line and serves on the personal ministry prayer team of Victory Christian Center. Together he and his wife, Lena, have seven children, fourteen grandchildren and three great grands.

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