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Conversations with Lauren Rashaan Patterson

Voyage Houston Interview

January 2021


Today we’d like to introduce you to Lauren Rashaan Patterson.

Hi Lauren Rashaan, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself. My name is Lauren Patterson (AKA Lauren Rashaan), and I’m truly a Southern Bell, born and raised in Charlotte, NC. Childhood was somewhat unique, being raised by an on-fire-for-God evangelical single mother. One day after the pastor preached against magic and witchcraft, my mother concluded our Disney movies were of the devil and destroyed them all, but she left every one of her black cinemas intact. At that time, my greatest ambition as an 8-year old was relocating from the east side of Charlotte to the ritzy southeast side. It hadn’t dawned on me that I could leave the city altogether until I watched “Jason’s Lyric,” one of the few movies we had left. That movie not only inspired me to leave North Carolina, but it motivated me to begin journaling my life. I expressed my vivid imagination through poetry, short stories, children’s books, magazine articles, along with ideas for movies and television scripts. Writing quickly blossomed into a hobby for me, especially since we didn’t have cable TV, and the only analog channels we could pick up were public broadcast and Christian networks. I began writing what I longed to see and hear and somehow fell in love with writing. It allowed me to live vicariously through my newly imaged characters and to visit places I had never been. I currently reside in Houston, where I worked as a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines – a role that ironically has allowed me to travel for free to places I used to only dream of and write about. I created a documentary series and TV pilots for two real estate shows in one of my latest ventures. One features four competitive real estate divas in the Atlanta market. The other shadows three African-American males who earned millions through their wheeling and dealing as real estate brokers.

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